2023, May 26th
It had been in bad shape for a long time. But now finally ZBornToy V1.1 fixes some nasty bugs, adds apple silicon support, multi frame rendering, optimizations and a color parameter that allows to use environment lighting without textures.

At the same time we reduce it's price by half.

We think this plugin could be much more. So we are looking into a refresh and we'd appreciate your thoughts.
2023, May 9th
Mac Versions of Lenscare and Flair - I'm embarrassed to have to say I messed up the After Effects M1 update last year. It's been very, very slow ever since. The download links now point to the slightly older versions that do not have this problem.

Cleaning up: I'm currently moving everything to a newer code base and am cleaning house. Those versions will be up as soon as possible. Lenscare probably in about 2 weeks.
2022, July 15th
Updated Fresh Curves for After Effects to support Apple Silicon and fixed a gui bug.
2022, May 23th
Updated Lenscare for OpenFX to support Apple Silicon.
2022, January 28th
Update of Flair and Lenscare for After Effects. Fixed some problems in older versions like CC2019.
2022, January 1st
Flair and Lenscare for After Effects now support MFR (multi frame rendering) and apple silicon.
2020, December 10th
Fixed two bugs in the Photoshop plugins.
2020, August 18th
Updated Fresh Curves to V1.15. Changed cuda implementation to use After Effects api now. Also notarized and certified the MacOS version.
2020, August 17th
Updated Lenscare for OpenFx with a fix for crashes that occured in Fusion Studio. Also notarized and certified the MacOS version.
2020, May 11th
Updated Mac plugins again with fix for crashes that occured in MacOS versions before Catalina.
2020, March 6th
Fixed installation problems with MacOS Catalina for Lenscare, Flair and ZBornToy for After Effects.. Fresh Curves and Lenscare and Flair for OpenFX will be updated soon.
2019, April 19th
Released Lenscare for OpenFX V1.46 windows maintenance update.
2019, January 11th
Released Fresh Curves V1.14 maintenance update.
2017, August 10th
Released Lenscare V1.49 maintenance update. Fixing a crash in depth of field AE plugin and a problem with CS5.5 and older.
2016, September 24th
Released minor updates: Fresh Curves V1.12 and Lenscare V1.48.
2015, June 19th
About Adobe CC 2015 updates: There have been some major architectural changes in After Effects that potentially affect all existing plugins. However Adobe did a good job in maintaining compatibility with old plugins and thus the following will continue to work in CC 2015: Fresh Curves required adjustments and a new version is available for download. It also contains some fixes regarding the recently introduced Cuda support and a version for OSX. Lensfeed is now broken and will crash After Effects CC 2015 if used there. The plugin is being discontinued. Have a look at the Lensfeed page for a few more words on that. A word regarding future development
My main focus is on developing a Lenscare V2.0. It has been for ages now but I have never been satisfied with the results of the various tries. So for some time I have been concentrating on consolidating and restructuring my code base to make development easier. The current version of Fresh Curves is based on it and thus offers Cuda support. I plan to continue spending most time on the new code base and Lenscare 2.0. There may be small updates for the current versions for things that need fixing but most issues will only be addressed with 2.0.
But I'll also take some time to clean up and port plugins to the new code base. Next up is the Flair package. I'll start with polishing and moving some of the plugins to the new code base. However I'm not happy with the package as a whole. I think some of the effects are mostly useless. The amiga rulez and the glas sphere effect for instance. I think about dropping them and maybe add new ones. If you have thoughts about that and are interested in talking to me please feel free to mail me.
2014, December 23rd
Released Fresh Curves V1.1 for Windows. New features:
  • Cuda support
  • support for horizontal resizing in After Effects
  • support for Premiere Native pixel formats
  • added master parameter to dial effect in and out
Check the updated manual for details. There is no more support for 32 bit hosts (pre CS5). Mac Version will follow when Cuda 7 is released
(probably in about 2-4 month).
2013, August 14th
All After Effects plugins are compatible with the Creative Cloud versions.
2012, August 6th
Updated all After Effects plugins to be CS6 compatible.
2010, November 1st
Bug fixes and maintainance for most plugins. Lenscare for After Effects and OpenFX now has a beta implemenation of a custom iris. A custom image can be used now. However it is pretty slow. But due to popular request it has been added anyway. You can tweak speed by making sure the iris image is only as big as needed (maxium radius). Also the less details the faster it'll be.
2010, May 31st
Updated all plugins adding CS5/64Bit support for After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop plugins. Plus various bug fixes on all plugins including fixes for some severe OpenFX ones. Most have been available all month in the download section but are updated once more now to iron out some minor quirks.
2009, May 12th
Updated Lensfeed to V1.03. Fixed a problem where the plugins would not load on some systems.
2009, April 27nd
Released Flair for OpenFX. OpenFX is a free video effect plugin standard supported by numerous applications such as Nuke, Digital Fusion and Toxik.
2009, April 22nd
Updated all Lenscare Versions. The OpenFX version now supports 64 Bit on Linux and PPC on the Mac. For details please refer to the readme.
2009, February 18th
Released Lenscare for OpenFX. OpenFX is a free video effect plugin standard supported by numerous applications such as Nuke, Digital Fusion and Toxik.
2009, January 27th
Updated Fresh Curves for After Effects to V1.01. Adresses two display bugs and a potential crash. Please refer to the readme for details.
2009, January 4th
Updated Photoshop versions of Lenscare to V1.4 and Flair to V1.2. Main changes are 32Bit Color mode and smart filter support.
2009, January 3rd
Introducing Fresh Curves for After Effects. You like curves but are missing features, control and accuracy? Then this one is for you. Happy new Year.

2008, September 5nd
Maintainance Update for Lensfeed for After Effects to V1.02. Internal restructuring, float color support and some more multithreading support.
2008, September 2nd
Maintainance Update for Flair for After Effects to V1.23. Internal restructuring and some multithreading problems with Premiere and Combustion have been adressed.
Cornel Swobodas beautiful use of ZbornToy. You can find the tutorial for this work on his Pateron account. And here is one more of his creations.
Realistic and beautiful. By Alex Roman.
The Sandpit by Sam O'Hare.
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Alex Romans infamous The Third and the Seventh.
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